'The Windows of Eyeries Art Trail


'The Windows of Eyeries' is an art trail featuring the creative gifts of those artists - from amateur to professional - who live in Beara, who are from Beara, or who are inspired by Beara. It can be enjoyed from early July to the end of August.

 The art work fills the windows of the homes and businesses in the village and has played a part in the Eyeries Family Festival from the beginning.  The first year it was just up over the weekend of the festival; now, because of popular demand - both from visitors to the village as well as those whose windows are part of the exhibit - it is up from the festival weekend to the end of August!  Every year 'The Windows of Eyeries' is mounted by a terrific group of volunteers who work tirelessly to make sure the artists' work is well taken care of and artfully exhibited. 

Dympna Daly of Cahirkeem probably summed up 'The Windows of Eyeries' experience best when she said, "I bought an ice cream at O'Sullivan's, walked slowly through the village, stopping at each window to enjoy the work of my friends and neighbours, and finished my stroll with a coffee at the Post Office. I had a wonderful time!"

'The Windows of Eyeries Art Trail' is sponsored by The Beara Gallery, Mill Cove Gallery, and Sarah Walker Gallery.