Tidy towns


Volunteers coming together

Eyeries Tidy Towns is a voluntary organisation which has been involved in the National Tidy Towns Competition for over 40 years.  The whole community are actively involved in working together towards the physical and social improvement of the village and surrounding areas.  


Silver and Gold Medal winners

Eyeries has been fortunate to be Silver and Gold Medal Winner in the National Tidy Towns Competition for many years.  We are very proud of our village and it’s unique setting on the Beara Peninsula and appreciate the input and work of all the community to maintain and improve it every year.  Here are some of our youngest coastal cleaners taking part on the Clean Coasts programme.


Making the village a great place to live

Over the years there have been many changes in the village and foremost of these are the addition of our Sensory Garden and Playground/Multi-Use Games Area which have greatly enhanced the experience of living and visiting Eyeries for young and old.