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Work commencing on Eyeries Church Roof Renovation

Eyeries Church Roof Renovation
At a Finance Meeting on Wednesday discussion took place regarding the cost of the roof to the Parish.  The cost of the project is €120,000.00.  At the moment the Parish has €35,000.00 in the DiocesanTrust Account, which has been put aside from the Monthly Envelope contribution, and the Diocese has agreed to give us a loan of the balance needed to complete the project.    The Monthly contribution has been €5 for a number of years and the Finance group has decided to increase this to €10.  This will increase the amount we are able to pay back to the Diocese which will ensure that the loan will be paid off in a shorter time.
We will also set up a AIB Bank Account so that people from the Parish living away from home would be given the opportunity to contribute.  We would ask you to connect with family members and relatives abroad to let them know.



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