Eyeries Village, County Cork
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Film Location & Services

Eyeries has been the location for a wide range of feature films, television series, and shorts. Producers and directors choose Eyeries for a number of reasons: its spectacular settings of sea and sky; the magical light; the captivating architecture and situation of the village; the helpfulness of its people.

Production companies choose Eyeries for other reasons, too. A community that works hard to help producers bring productions in on schedule; a group of interesting villagers that love to work as extras; help with logistics, location assistance, writing, casting, and sourcing Section 481 Tax Assistance. Even the production of B-roll and Electronic Press Kits (EPKs).

You’ll find more than geographic beauty in Eyeries. You’ll only find a highly motivated group of people and talent committed to helping you get your project successfully in the can.

Film Location Services

Eyeries, County Cork.
Mobile: +353 (0)862208743
Contact: Colman O’Sullivan Mobile: +353 (0)862208743 Email: colemanf12@gmail.com

Local knowledge helps producers and directors to source ideal locations, negotiate use of local homes and businesses for shoots, helps to comply with local ordinances, helps to communicate and organize extra casting, and provides location assistance during shooting if required. Local warehousing and storage available.

Section 481 / Irish Film Board / Writing Assistance / EPK Development Storylines Entertainment Ltd

Eyeries, County Cork
Tel: +353 (0)27 74979 Mobile: +353 (0)86 6004475 Email: tomrichards@earthnet.ie

Do you need to access Irish Section 481 tax concessions and Irish Film Board grants for your feature film? Do you need experienced screen writers during shooting to help polish screenplays on location in Eyeries?
Are you looking for an experienced B-roll crew to shoot and edit Electronic Press Kits and create film Marketing Strategies? Storylines Entertainment Ltd, an Irish film production and marketing company, provides all of these services. For more information: Contact Tom Richards Tel: +353 (0)27 74979 Mobile: +353 (0)86 6004475 Email: tomrichards@earthnet.ie

Filming in Eyeries: Adaptable Community Assists Success

Extract from the article ‘Hollywood hills of West Cork’ by Carl Dixon, published in the Irish Examiner February 11 2012. For the complete article go to www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/kfidmheyqlid/rss2/

THE filming of director Neil Jordan’s Byzantium is under way on the Beara peninsula in West Cork. Jordan’s Irish take on a vampire movie, it stars Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan. As with his previous film, Ondine, he utilises the spectacular landscape close to his holiday home near Castletownbere.

The Beara peninsula has carved out a lucrative niche as a movie location despite its distance from Dublin and the often inclement weather. In 1997, the mini-series Falling for a Dancer, starring Elisabeth Walsh, Liam Cunningham and Dermot Crowley, and a young Colin Farrell, was filmed here. This was followed in 2008 by Ondine, again with Farrell, and Polish actress Alicja Bachleda.

Beara resident Colman O’Sullivan is a location manager for the film, having worked on previous productions on the peninsula. "We started work in November scouting for locations," he says. "We did look at the Ring of Kerry, but once we saw this waterfall we knew it was perfect. We were very aware of the environment and used a non-toxic vegetable dye, which doesn’t impact on aquatic life.”

For the small village of Eyeries on the northern side of the peninsula, filming has become almost annual and iconic images of its brightly coloured houses have featured in print and media campaigns.

It began with the film The Purple Taxi in the 1970s, starring Fred Astaire and Peter Ustinov, and since then the village has featured in films and television productions including TG4’s Iníon an Fhiachlóra (The Dentist’s Daughter), Moondance television series The Royal and advertisements for Bord Fáilte, Heineken and Rover cars.

Last summer saw the filming of Japanese art house film Tamatama, by director Mayumi Komatsu.

"Some of the houses have probably been painted 10 times over by different film crews," says Mr O’Sullivan. "We have been converted into a fishing village, returned to the 1930s and there have been a few street festivals.

"Locals have been employed to make fake bog cotton using cotton wool and flower stalks, find ruined boats, set dance, become extras as nuns, fishermen and policemen, audition their dogs, and provide donkeys and sheep with just the right colour markings.

"We have had a horse bolting up the main street, giant puppets and set dancing, and at this stage we take it all in our stride. It is a big advantage for film crews coming here that we have this level of experience; we are an adaptable community and if they are looking for something we will come up with a way of providing it."

Come to Eyeries Village. Embrace the tranquillity.


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  Eyeries Village, Beara Peninsula, County Cork
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