Eyeries Village, County Cork
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The Beara Peninsula / The North & East

To see the North and East: Just drive the other way. Drive through the village heading North to:

The Coastal Road to Kilcatherine

Drive out of Eyeries, past the Post Office, and to the North. This is a magnificent drive which brings you to:


This small, well-protected fishing harbour provides wonderful views of Coulagh Bay. Then keep going to:


And its Church and the Hag of Beara. Take time to enjoy the breeze on your face!

Onward to the Kenmare Road

Continue to drive on this magnificent part of the Beara Way. Take in sweeping vistas of sea and sky. See the Skellig Islands in the distance. Take a walk along the Atlantic side of the point and feel the salt spray in your face. You’ll finally get to back to the main Eyeries / Kenmare Road. Take a left to:


And its lovely pub and restaurant and terraced houses. Take a walk along the sea, or ask directions to Glenbeg Lough, a lake nestled between scenic hills. Why not take along a picnic and enjoy the day? Keep going toward Kenmare to:


Visit the small village of Lauragh. This wonderfully forested part of your journey brings you through a fairyland of walking opportunities.

For more information go to www.kerrytourist.com/towns/lauragh

Star Outdoors, Kenmare

Located a few miles from Lauragh toward Kenmare, Star Outdoors offers an exciting range of sea and land-based activities appropriate for everyone. From Kayaking to Canoeing, Sailing to Waterskiing & Wakeboarding, delight in the clear waters of Kenmare Bay. Or if land-based activities are more your style, then try archery, orienteering, paintballing and crazy golf, to name a few. If you want an adventure offering amazing vistas on the open water, why not try Kenmare Bay Cruise Trips aboard the "Star of Kenmare"? With guaranteed sightings of wild Atlantic critters, including seals, the Cruise adventure provides a magical memory that will add value to your trip to Ireland. For more infornation go to http://www.staroutdoors.ie


This delightful town, only 45 minutes from Eyeries, is a visitor’s paradise. Enjoy its many shops, eating establishments, and pubs.

For more information go to www.kenmare.ie


The next and final stop on your journey is Killarney, a wonderful town. To get there, proceed from Kenmare along signs pointing toward Killarney. Want the scenic tour? Then make sure you take the N71 through Moll’s Gap. Enjoy the spectacular views of local mountains and the Lakes of Killarney.
For more information go to www.killarney.ie and click here to view information on Google Maps

Then it’s back to Eyeries for more fun, serenity and enjoyment.

Come to Eyeries Village. Embrace the tranquillity.


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  Eyeries Village, Beara Peninsula, County Cork
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